Welcome to my home @ digital.brynmawr!

At Bryn Mawr College, we are using A Domain of One’s Own, branded as digital.brynmawr.edu, as an integral part of ensuring that students have a place in the digital world that they can call their own. Digital Bryn Mawr is one of President Kim Cassidy’s strategic initiatives, growing out of the Digital Bryn Mawr Task Force that took place from Fall 2011-Spring 2014. Our Digital Bryn Mawr signature components include Bryn Mawr’s leadership in blended learning for the liberal arts, digital scholarship, and our BMC Digital Competencies Program for students.

digital.brynmawr.edu is a place where students can showcase their competencies, reflect on all they’ve learned through curricular and co-curricular experiences, and present their digital portfolios for key audiences¬†– prospective employers, graduate and professional schools, and communities of practice and service – that are important as they travel their scholarly, professional, and life pathways.

Their individual domains are also places where they can build competencies and confidence through playing, experimenting, selecting and configuring tools to meet particular goals, and modifying or taking things apart to understand how this rich array of digital tools works. This sandbox environment supports the active learning and critical reflection goals of the Digital Competencies program because the particular tools and applications will continue to evolve, but our ability to articulate goals, identify appropriate solutions, and discern strengths and limitations of those solutions is a sustaining set of skills that will enable students to learn and adapt throughout their lives and across the many contexts where they’ll live and work.